Train and maintain, do not exhaust

Your body is designed to move. Your complete anatomy is a miraculous design with only one goal: movement. 206 bones, 680 muscles, and about 360 joints will make it possible for you to go somewhere, to take things, to lift things, to sleep in a flat position. Moreover, as in a machine, this system has to be maintained to operate well.
You sit, you lie down, and it makes you tired. Also, you get all kind of aches. The less you do, the more tired you get, and the faster you die as you keep telling your brain that you are not ‘in the game’ any longer. Frustrating, isn’t? Also, it is very frustrating if you want to do some sports and being tired all the time, stands in your way. The paradox here is that movement gives you energy and gives a signal of health to your brain to make the hormones you need to keep this machine, your body, functioning.
We all know the consequences of not moving: your lymph is not circulating correctly, you are not detoxing properly, you build up the toxins in your body, your endocrinal system has to work overtime, and you start developing all kind of diseases. As these diseases are build up slowly, year after year, we call them ‘old age’ disease. The reality is that they are only a consequence of a bad lifestyle habit, not because they are normal.
The kind of exercise you do should be entirely according to your character. If ambition and being the first, is not so important to you, then do not start competitive sports. If just the idea of reaching your goals and winning from yourself is important, then start exercises you do on your own. If socialising and a team are important, join sports that you do in a group.
The most important are that you combine two kinds of exercises: aerobic to get your blood and oxygen circulating and maintenance exercise to keep your muscles and skeleton flexible. So you train and maintain your body.

 According to Ayurveda, asanas (exercises) and pranayama (breathing exercise) are the best kinds to get control of your the suppleness, flexibility and use of oxygen. Asanas certainly make use of all your muscles, while other sports like walking, bicycling, running, swimming use some of the muscle groups. Then you have the exercises that are called ‘cardio’ because it makes your heart pump faster. A good mix of doing training exercises with maintaining activities is, of course, the best. They even can be combined in the same practice. One of the things Ayurveda warns us for is not to exaggerate. When there is a mild sweating on your forehead, it is time to go slowing down. First, your body will start to sweat. Forehead comes later. See it as the temperature indicator of your car. When you are starting to sweat real hard on your forehead, you are reaching the red-zone, and you have to stop. Exhausting your body is not the goal.

*choose the sport that you will do because it corresponds to your character.
* choose a mixture of training and maintaining exercises divided over the week.
* do not go into ‘overdrive’ or red zone. By overdoing, you get injuries, or you wear yourself out, which is opposite of your goal of training and maintaining.

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