New Year’s Eve and 2018

Have you noticed that we are living in a SUPER century?

We are surrounded by SUPERS whether it is Super Junk or Super Food, Super greens, Super Vitamins.

We follow a SUPER DIET so we can have a SUPER BODY that we need to have that SUPER RELATION and a SUPER HOUSE.  And do not forget the SUPER jOB THAT gives us a SUPER BANK ACCOUNT.

And on and on it goes with the heavy loads that we put on our shoulders to become something close to that SUPER IMAGE that we create for ourselves.  And then we also have the SUPER DEPRESSIONS and MEGA BREAKDOWNS because we are so SUPER DISAPPOINTED.


Do not be too hard on yourself or someone else when you do not achieve the SUPER RESULTS  you dreamed off.  We already are a SUPER BEING in a worldly environment.  Yoga, in essence, is a way to reconnect with that super part of you.  But Tantra Yoga is all about enjoying this life that you are in now.  Not in an unwise way but in a disciplined way so you can fully enjoy and experience every moment of your life.

My wish for you is that you find your way in all these SUPER DEALS and that you will be the best of you in 2018


So for tomorrow night and for the rest of the year be who you are: a SUPER TROOPER.  I hope you love the clip.  I love the movie and if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it.


Happy 2018.



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