Relax, rest, restore and rejuvenate

Relax, rest, restore and rejuvenate

To restore and rejuvenate our body and brain must relax and rest and be capable of adjusting to the incredibly rapid change of lifestyle.

The change really started to go extremely fast the last 20 years. I am getting a bit older, so I remember that an electric typewriter was a big novelty. Now a ‘cloud’ is taking care of all our documents.

Life is going faster and faster.

Our body is not adjusted yet to the speed and all the toxins we surround us with.

An animal is most of his time resting with one ear moving like a radar to spot danger. Unfortunately, we are exposed to danger signals all day long. After a day of cars, traffic jams, red lights, public transport, offices with telephones going off and interrupting your work all the time, our brains go into ‘danger alert’ continuously.

So when we come home, to relax we put on the TV and stress continues. The news makes you depressed and you wonder why you still want to live in a world that is so cruel. Also, then the movie after the news is about killing and fighting and violence.

So we consider this all as ‘normal’ as it is happening daily.

However, our brain does not think it as ‘normal’ but as ‘close to red alarm’ so it produces cortisol and adrenaline.

These hormones are good. They can save your life when needed and make you run or defend yourself.

But having these hormones produced on a continuous overdose makes you tired and wired. To get rid of the high levels of cortisol produced by today’s stress lifestyle, we need movement and exercise. However, we also need our relaxation and sleep and we cannot get it if our body is in the wrong mode. So we definitely need to exercise to get rid of all these hormones and produces the right ones for rest and digest.

As the stress is useful for the fight and flight reactions we need to survive, rest and digest is necesary to make the hormones that we need to restore and absorb all the input we had during the day.

Real digestion is done at night when we sleep. The chile that has come out of our stomach is now processed in our intestines. It is delivered to our bloodstream who takes it to our cells and who takes back the undigested, waste material.

Our cells are the most important things of all our body. They are intelligent and smart and we better keep them smiling so they will reproduce themselves in a good way.

They have ‘memories’ that they transmit. Every 7 years, our body has changed all its cells. Some have been changed several times in those 7 years. So if we keep remaking cells with the old bad memories, we will end up miserable and with a lot of diseases. If we change cells with a lot of positive ‘cloning’, then we will slow down the ageing process and will have fewer diseases.


Be careful what you feed your mind with.

Sometimes we are just too stressed and we cannot relax or sleep. The use of all kind of electrical devices, the mental input of violence on tv that fills our mind with fear and anxiety and knowing that we will be short of sleep, are not the best ways to guarantee a good night of sound sleep.
A good night sleep or a good nap is more than a beauty sleep, it is a complete rejuvenation and restoring program. Saving out on your sleep and rest is cutting years away from your life.


So to optimise the quality of your sleep, make sure
* you get rid of your cortisol by having some exercise, connecting with some natural environment. Walking home and through a park, will be better than a workout in a gym on a machine that stresses you saying you have to do more and better.
* take time to eat, eat properly and long enough before going to bed
* avoid confrontations with negativity and violence on TV or simply avoid TV
* make a nice bedtime routine (you completely can fill in that one) so you slow down
* get enough hours of sleep

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