A New Year, Diets and Sugar

Starting the New Year with a diet has almost become ‘standard procedure’.

The New Year inspires us to start living healthier.

For many years the FAT has been the culprit, and this resulted in a list of fat-low or fat-less products. Tasteless stuff that does not make you feel any happier.

For the last years, SUGAR has become the biggest ‘bad guy’ of all.

And not without reason.

According to a search in Google consumption of the ‘White Gold’ has gone from 2 kg/person per year in 1700 to 90 kg/person a year in 2009. I guess this is an estimation, but never the less it is a massive increase in the use of refined sugar.

We know more and more that sugar, white or fake or brown or any sugar, is messing up with our health. Starting with teeth decay, then putting a burden on pancreas and insulin production, liver, candida in the intestines and now there is also a proved relation between sugar and cancer. So the White Gold is something we have to consider as a ‘special treat on occasion‘.

However, it is not only the White Gold that is dangerous to us but also the sweeteners and all kind of sugar consumed in excess.

Some diets today want to ban all types of sugar and that means that almost everything has to go out of the menu.

Then why did nature make most of the easily available food so sweat?

Because almost all fruits, lots of vegetables and seeds/grains have a sweet taste. Some are bitter/sweet, others sour/sweet but sweet seems to be natures preferred flavour. Even when we restore our taste buds to a normal sweet level, we will taste the sweetness of milk or meat. Even the source of ‘white gold‘, the beet, is natural.

So why does nature gives us sweet taste in abundance and then we are told we have to take everything sweet out of our diet to get healthy. Does that make sense?

To me, it makes perfect sense to eliminate all kind of cookies, alcohol, soda’s, most ready-made products of the supermarket as they contain a lot of hidden sugars. But it does not make sense to me to eliminate fruit, grains oats, rice, (sweet) potatoes, carrots, beets, peas, vegetables like courgette, pumpkin, tomatoes, paprikas.. just to avoid to have any sugars.

It does make sense to do that for a limited time when you have a severe disease like cancer or candida going on to eliminate a specific condition.

Next week I will talk about the Ayurvedic view on the taste sweet.

Meanwhile, I would like to know what you think about a diet without any sugars? Please leave a comment below.

Have a happy week


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