Many small changes make a huge difference

Many Small Changes make a Huge Difference


In our supermarkets, you find an excess of products.All presented in beautiful, colourful cartons, plastics or bottles. All made to attract your attention.

However, are you really happy with the excess of choice and promises offered to you?

Would it be comfortable enough for you to stick to one product that is reasonably doing what it is promising? Do you need so many things?

Shopping differently can change the world. Remember that all publicity and marketing is based on making you believe that you need something to be special.

The truth is that everybody is special and does not need that much.

If you go to the supermarket and only buy fresh fruit and vegetables and minimise on cans and cartons and plastics, you can make a difference in the world.

It is not easy to do that, but it is a start.

You can say that all those cans and plastics are recycled, but even recycling demands a lot of energy and water. So why not produce less, so we do not have to recycle that much.

Now you think that changing the world is a lost battle as you are on your own. Which is true, you cannot alter the world on your own, and you cannot fight everybody. For that, everyone needs to become aware of the small things that you, as a person can do.

Become conscious of your impact and know that if you contribute to a better world and your neighbour does and, and in the end the street, the town, the country does, and many people are making this world a healthier place. Denmark is or is going to be the first producer of only green food. Even in India, some states are only green and sustainable.

Then you can argue saying that those big corporations do have much power. However, they only have that power because of you and everybody else buying from them. Imagine that tomorrow there is a day that is ‘soft drink free’. Do you know what impact this will have on companies like Coca-Cola?

In the end, it is the consumer, the one who buys, who has the real power.

If you do not buy the rubbish, the things that make you sick, they lose one client. If more people become conscious, they lose many customers.

To change the world, you have to start with yourself.


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