Healthy, Happy and Young at Any Age

7 Conscious Lifestyle Changes with a Huge Impact.

Healthy and happy living and staying young. Who would not want that? Who would not like to live healthy and happily ever after? Just staying young and being able to do whatever you want.

It is possible.
But ..
Yes, there is a colossal but.

When we are young, we do not care. We only start caring when we grow older, and then a lot of the damage is already done.
So, the younger we start with caring about how to grow old, the better.

But we are not so gloomy that there is no hope at all to improve and even to reverse some of the damage done and still be happy, healthy and young, even at an advanced age.

Some of the changes we can make are small in the sense that it is only a question of looking differently at some things that we are used to… and act upon it. Now that is mostly the problematic part, but when we do it, we see a considerable improvement.

When becoming healthy, we will automatically age slower and better, and we also will be happier. We can coop with a lot of more stress and problems when living in a healthy body.

Ayurveda, a 6000-year-old science, says that the body is made to become 120 years without too many problems.  If and when we take care of our body and mind from the very beginning of our lives.  Unfortunately, we do not know how when we are young and still healthy.  And slowly, we lose our healthy and fit body and we start having dis-ease.  Ayurveda teaches how to nourish and exercise for a maximum healthy body and mind.

See here some of the crucial things we have to pay attention to.
* what you eat
* what you drink
* how you move
* your personal hygiene
* how you shop and what you buy
* how you relax, sleep and restore
* what you think

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Take care and love life.





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