Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra have their origins in India and are inseparably related to each other. Tantra is supposed to be older than the Veda's, the oldest scriptures so far found. Tantra is the cult of the goddess and finds its origins in the Harappa and Mohendjadharo cultures. Tantra gives techniques for the esoteric, mystical aspect of life; Yoga offers techniques for the mind, and spiritual side of life and Ayurveda explains how to keep physically healthy, But as all those areas of life influence each other, they have to be considered as complementary and holistic.

Much is written about Tantra and the Vedic sciences, but still, there is much not known about the origins and the age of these sciences. They go back at least 6.000 years.

To the Vedic sciences also belong Jyothish or astrology, Vastu or the knowledge of architecture and decoration, Dhanurveda or Martial Arts.