Vision of eca Tara

We believe that health, longevity, happiness and freedom are our birthright, but unfortunately we loose hold of it along the road of life.

Ancient wisdom and modern science can go hand in hand and give us holistic techniques to live a healthy, happy, abundant and free quality life.

We have a dream that all people, with the proper knowledge and information, can achieve a better balance and greater well-being in their life.



Mission of eca Tara

The mission of the European Cultural Association Tara is to inform and to organise courses and retreats with a holistic approach to the personal well-being and development of every person.  It aims to improve the mental and physical and spiritual wellness of every individual, and therefore of the society as a whole.  The old science, knowledge and tradition of the Veda’s will be the foundation for a holistic integration of modern and ancient techniques from all over the world.  The association will be doing studies and will invite teachers and organise workshops to offer this knowledge to everyone who is interested and committed to this cause.

Tara is Universal

In Polynesian mythology, the sea goddess is called Tara.
In Latin, she is Terra or Earth. The Druids called their mother goddess Tara. In Ireland, there is a sacred mountain called Tara.
An old legend in Finland, speaks of wise women called Tar. In South America, an indigenous tribe has a goddess called Tarahumara.
Cheyenne people have a story of a women who fell from a star to the earth. Out of her body, all the essential foods grew.

In Tibet. Tara is known as the faithful one, the fierce protectress, an archetype of inner wisdom. She helps with the transformation of consciousness, to freedom.

Ishtar and Astarte are the same goddesses in Persia and Mesopotamia.
The Jewish name Esther, meaning Star, also has the same roots.


Soft Moon Shining

My beloved Divine Mother

Dance with me under the soft moon shining

In the wide open fields far beyond 

the toil and trouble of my busy mind

Dance with me before the night grows old

While the winds of love still bow the grasses

And the coyotes howl for you to step their way

Dance with me my beloved

while the Mystery's Edge

still flirts in the shadow of your radiant light.


                                              Poems for the Mother of the Universe by Ethan Walker III

Tara is feminine

In Indian Tantrism, Tara means 'she who protects' or 'she who guides' She is the second form of Shakti, after Kali.
Tara is the goddess of the Underworld, Earth and Heaven, birth, regeneration, love and war, death, the seasons, the Moon cycles - Luna - feminine - the creation of all what lives and grows, goddess of mysticism.

Tara is colourfull

Green Tara is known as the mother, the caretaker, the compassionate
White Tara is known as the wise women who is a guiding star in moments of transition, long life, healing, serenity
Red Tara or Kundalini Tara is of fierce aspect and is magnetising all good things
Black Tara is associated with power

Yellow Tara is associated with wealth and prosperity

Blue Tara is associated with transmutation of anger

Tara is ageless

As Tara is the embodiment of values as compassion, nurturing, caring, guiding, healing, wisdom, giving from the heart .. she is timeless, and we need her more than ever.  We need more people to become conscious about how we are depleting the world's energy and beauty.  We need more consciousness about the cruelties we commit in senseless wars towards our own race.  In animal factories were we breed sick animals in horrifying ways and later we consume this sick meat.  We need more consciousness about how to relate to other people and how to live in healthy tribes as in this world of 'communication-toys' all real communication is lost.  We can use the symbolic values of Tara to start changing the world by changing ourselves and become more of Tara.