Alice in Wonderland

I invite you to come and stay with me for a while in my lovely Finca Los Motivos. I can give you some
tools to eat better and to find what your exercise type is all about. To love your body and discover your
soul, to know more about you and to love you the way you are and to be the best of you and be 'happy' in
spite of all the outside influences that want you to be who you are not.
Spending some time in Finca Los Motivos means:
* Space and time to reconnect with one of the most beautiful natural surroundings of evergreen
mountains, blue skies and a huge lake
* Destress
* Have your private room with bathroom (shower, lavabo and WC)
* Beautiful garden with splendid views of the lake Entrepeñas, mountains, where you sit where you want,
in the shade, in the sun
* Free use of a salted swimming pool of 6 by 12 m
* Free use of the main house with kitchen, living room, dining room, library.
* Free use of the internet
* Free use of the barbeque area
* Electricity and water included
* Access to pranayama and yoga exercises during the week
* Access to Satsang during the weekend
* Paying an extra for healthy, natural, Ayurvedic meals
* Possibility to have incredible relaxing ayurvedic massage
* Joining with others to go on excursion in typical villages in the region
* Joining with others to go hiking in the mountains
* Possible wellness coaching
* Have sun & fun and live life, love life

Not programmed for 2019 unless on request.  Minimum 10 women to form the group.

From Alice in Wonderland
“From the moment I fell in the rabbit hole, I have been told what I must do and whom I must be. I have been shrunk, stretched, scratched and hidden into a teapot. I have been accused of BEING Alice and of NOT being Alice. But this is MY dream, and I'll decide where it goes from here. I made the path.”

In the book of Alice in Wonderland, the child Alice is transforming into a young woman, and nothing is what is used to be.  Her body changes, her reality changes, she is confronted with the queen of love, contradictions, dragons and has to see how to take hold of her own story.  Similar happens when we enter that second part of life, where again everything changes.  Our body is becoming different, doing things it is not used to, relations fall away, fade, thing that we knew for certain, suddenly become maybe not what we thought they were.  Life left his impact and imprint on our way of thinking and behaving