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Break Free Formula, live the eca Tara way at Finca Los Motivos.

Everybody needs a break now and then.
We all take our breaks differently. Some people like to visit big cities and museums; other will spend some time in nature in a caravan. Some are 'recharged' immediately, and others need more time to refill their batteries. At Finca Los Motivos, we offer you the possibility to live the eca Tara Way and spend some time with us, from staying with us for a week up to several months. Maybe you need to recover from an illness or perhaps from a separation with a loved one. Or possibly you are working on a major project, writing a book and do not want to be disturbed while you work. Or maybe you are just fascinated by the unspoilt beauty of the region La Alcarria and want to explore its small picturesque villages full of history and Spanish culture far away from touristic centres or visit the Natural Park of the Alto Tajo.
Maybe you prefer hiking and bicycling and wait for the cooler season to explore all the rural 'Caminos' that lead you up into the mountains to little villages hidden away in the valleys. Just plain hanging out at the swimming pool and listening to the wind and the birds and doze off, is also an option. Especially in the summer season when the air is warm and making you lazy, the water of the swimming pool is a very refreshing and energising treat. If you recognise yourself in some of the above, then renting a room at Finca Los Motivos might just be the opportunity you are looking for.


What we offer in our Break Free Formula

* Your private room with two comfortable single beds, with entry from the garden, own bathroom with lavabo, toilet and shower.
* A big garden with lovely views of Lake Entrepeñas and the surrounding mountains.
* A large swimming pool with areas to sunbathe.
* Use of the main house with library, dining room and sitting room.
* Chance to join the team and enjoy with us nourishing Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals that we prepare freshly every day, as much as possible with organic products grown nearby.
* Chance to join EvaMaria for free when she is doing her Tridoshic Balancing Tantra Yoga session. The beautiful thing here is that no previous experience is needed.
* Book a relaxing Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage and feel completely restored and rejuvenated.
* Book a LifestyleWhisperer session with VedaPulse diagnose and learn how to adjust your lifestyle and nutritional habits to obtain more health. Finca Los Motivos is at about 1 hour and a half from Adolfo Suarez Barajas Madrid Airport. We advise you to rent a car to have more freedom to explore when you are here. Of course you can come with your own car or take a bus from the airport to the village. Or even a taxi.


Prices minimum stay one week

* Room 60 € a day for two people/ per week 420 € for two people     
* Room 45 € a day when single occupation/ per week 315 €
* Room monthly discounted price 420 x 4 is 1680 - 50 % is 840 €
*Room Monthly discounted price when single occupation 315 € x 4 is 1260 € - 50 % is 630 €
* Meals 25 € a day per person
* Abhyanga or Ayurvedic full body massage 60 € (almost two hours)
* VedaPulse diagnose 30 €/session
* Lifestyle consult full session (included VedaPulse diagnose) 100 €
Please ask us for special prices for long term stay.
For booking and information, contact us at ecatara.info@gmail.com
Just come and enjoy this relaxing, revitalising,
rejuvenating experience. We are delighted to have you
with us and we will do everything to make your stay a pleasant