Drinking clean water to thrive and flush your toxins away

What is it you drink daily?

Do you drink water or toxins?

Most drinks that come out of the supermarket are highly toxic. They come full with chemicals and sugars. Real sugars or ‘fake’ sweeteners which are even worse than real sugar.

We drink coffee sometimes all day long, to stay awake and be able to concentrate on our work. Then, because we are wired, we drink wine or beer in the evening to ‘relax’. In between a coke, a ‘healthy’ juice, an energy drink.

In our society, drinkable water is used to make soft drinks, and soft drinks cost less than drinkable water. Weird, isn’t it? We also use the drinking water to flush the toilet, and before flushing it, we add some ‘ocean blue’ chemicals in it to keep our toilets clean.

We all seem to accept it as completely normal.

Also, most people are drinking all day long, and at the same time, they are mostly dehydrated. As our body is made out of water, our cells need water to do their work. They do not need just liquids. They need pure water.

Clean water can be found in wet foods, fruits and of course in the water itself. You need water continuously, and you need it in its original form. The more you add to your liquids, the more you have to digest, eliminate or even worse: store away.

It might sound like: yep, of course, I know this.

However, do you DO it?

Water is the only drink that is acceptable to take all day.

Tasty, safe water is difficult to find as most of us do not have a well with clear water, close to your house. So our water comes in plastic containers, or it comes in tap water. This tap water is recycled water from all those blue products we flushed with it, remember?

So, to get out the chemicals, we use chemicals again like chloride. Weird, if you come to think about it.

The amount of water, not of liquids, is necessary and should be in direct relation to your body weight.
Sometimes, as you are drinking a lot, but you forget about water. So when do you drink water?


Ayurveda says to drink a glass of (lukewarm) water with a squeeze of lemon juice in it when waking up. This lemon juice will help you to detoxify and to set your digestive system back to work (bowel movement and stomach).

Then we can drink water in between meals. Not with meals.

Alternatively, we can eat fruit in between meals, as they are the best snack there is and they contain naturally purified water. Do not drink with your meal. Drink only a little after your meal. If you have too much water in your stomach, your gastric juice will be diluted too much and lose power. So you need to drink enough to liquefy your food but not too much.

So then, as a golden rule, make it a habit of drinking a glass of water every time you have gone to the bathroom. If you have gone just a little or your pee was coloured, then drink two glasses instead of one. You have the habit of washing your hands, do you? Then add this habit of drinking a glass of water.

So know that if you have this late night hunger cravings, that maybe this is a hydration need. Our brain is still considering our food as one of our biggest suppliers of water.

So you can deal with this craving by drinking some water. Isn’t that cool?

Ayurveda says:

* try to drink pure water, avoiding plastics and unfiltered tap water.
* replace all your soft drinks by water, drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage/coffee you have.
* fruit juice is not a healthy drink as the glycemic index is far too high. Fruit is good as it also has all the fibres that come with it.
* do not contaminate unnecessary any water by using too many detergents.
* use lemon water in the morning, during the day or alternate it with a little apple cider vinegar to make your water taste
* ginger-lemon-honey water (warm or cold) makes a lovely energizer, detoxifier, tasty tea. Alternatively, in summer you can add a pinch of salt and cumin to get a perfect sports drink that returns all kind of minerals after sweating.

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