Cooking is an act of love

Cooking food is an act of love

Cooking food has never been easy and it sure needs dedicated love.

In the old days, food was hunted and killed. Alternatively, you had to go gathering roots, berries, fruits and the chance was, you were not lucky every day and often went to sleep without cooking food.

Now, the struggle for food changed into a jungle of food. Supermarkets are everywhere and filled with massive amounts of food. Also, there is so much publicity not telling the truth, or even lying bluntly.

So where before the food was screaming at you ‘find me, find me’ nowadays it is screaming: ‘buy me, buy me, buy me’.

Moreover, there you are. In the middle of this huge room, full of lights, full of noises, full of choices, full of messages that scream to you: ‘feel guilty, be guilty, take us, we are better, we are cheaper..’ the only thing you want to do is to run away.

That would be a really good scenario. Running away from all these lies, this nonsense, this command and manipulation into over consuming of what you do not need, would be the right decision.

However, no, you are conditioned to go around with a huge trolley that you will find full at the exit. Moreover, you will wonder: why did I buy all this stuff, on what did I spend my money?

Alternatively, you will be like me: just entering the supermarket for a kilo of apples and finding yourself standing in the line to pay, with your arms full, not knowing if you can hold all this stuff together until you can put it on the belt. You just came in for a kilo of apples, so why care about a trolley?  Or, are you the woman that makes a list of all things needed before going to the shop and sticking to it. I bet you are not. The list may be, but also sticking to it?

Today, there is a huge paradox about food. In the middle of this large offer of food, we do not know what to cook and eat anymore.

Moreover, one item is even more exotic than the other. Food is coming from all over the world regardless the season of the year.

Then there is this second paradox. We never had such an abundance of food before, and never before food was so empty. So devoid of nutrients. For the first time in history, we see huge populations having loads of diseases from being overfed, but undernourished. Food has become an industry: food is designed and loaded with chemicals to preserve it, to grow bigger and quicker, to have the right colour, taste, you name it, it is all on the lists in small letters, and it seems nobody cares about it.

The third paradox in this row is that never before, one part of the world lived in such abundance and is starving from ‘rich’ diseases and ’empty’ food and the other part of the world dying from not having food. The conclusion is that n when food has never been that easy to get it still is giving us huge problems.

Ayurveda, says you should use your food as your medicine. When food is properly and used correctly, medicine is not needed.

This statement should more than ever be kept in mind. Let’s say it this way would: would you poison your body with chemotherapy, just in case you could generate cancer?

No, you certainly would not.

So, why are you poisoning yourself with the wrong foods?

Finding your way in the food industry is, however. Even in the alternative or organic industry, it is hard to find the right food for you. Maybe the chickpeas are from organic harvest, but still, there is lots of sugar in the way they prepare it. Maybe the salt is coming from a clean part of the world, so it is less contaminated, but it is bleached to make it white. So, it is quite natural you give in and say that you do not care.

However, remember, choosing the right food is saving on your doctor’s bill.

Some ground rules of how to buy safe food as much as possible.
* buy organic
* buy only/as much as possible from the season and region
* buy only food that is not man-made but fresh, comes without a package and an enormous list of ingredients (mostly chemicals)
* buy only once a week, so you will not get into ‘temptations’ for the wrong foods every day.
* start enjoying the creativity you can develop with vegetables and spices.
* develop a ‘love’ relationship with food, which starts from how you see it grow, how and where you buy it, how colourful it is how you prepare it and how you put it on the table and how it tastes, and how your family members enjoy it.

Remember: Cooking is an act of (self) Love for health and wellness, happiness and longevity


Take care, love life


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