Christmas and my 100 Day Alcohol Free Gong

Tonight it is Christmas.

Tonight families gather together to celebrate the birth of light.

To make this celebration real, people are eating and drinking a lot. They are consuming mostly alcohol. Even people who usually do not drink, take that little glass of Champaign, the glass of wine and enjoy the small drink with the ‘pousse-cafe’.Alcohol-Free is not precisely what you think about when you think of a Christmas celebration.

But not me this time. I am not doing any of this tonight.

Not being at a party, surrounded by family or friends is more a coincidence than a choice. But not having any alcoholic beverages is a deliberate choice. Not being in the circumstances to go to family gathering or friends, only make my decision easier.

Today, I am celebrating my 34th day of my alcohol-free 100-day gong.

For many years now, I have been a reliable user, having a Christmas every day. Consuming more than I should have on a daily basis. So I decided to have a break, to give my liver a well deserved holiday.

I have chosen to start my 100-day Alcohol-Free Gong by the end of November. For many people, not the best time to start something important like this with all the festivities coming up. As I knew the festivities going on in the world would not trigger me, I decided to go for it. After all, any day is a good day to start caring about yourself.

Apart from not being triggered by people surrounding me, as I am on a sort of solitude retreat, I know that winter is the best time. Tea has a better taste when it is cold outside than when it is warm, and you fancy that cold beer.

I know that many of you are thinking about that New Year’s Resolution, that decision that is mostly taken in a moment of feeling awful with a hangover. A decision that mostly does not last long and disappears together with the headache.

I strongly recommend though to give your liver a break for three months and I also recommend to use the system of the 100 Day Gong. I am surprised how useful it is.

Interested? Find out more about how to use a 100 Day Gong here.

How and why to use a 100 Day Gong

As for now: Merry Christmas and Cheers.


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