Beauty, Hygiene and Petrol.

Most women are very active when it comes to protecting the skin.

Supermarkets are full of all kind of products for hygiene and beauty. Moreover, all those products promise many improvements.

In a certain, underlying way, this publicity says that you are ugly unless you use the product they are selling you.

The problem is, all these products have one thing in common: they have loads of chemicals and synthetic perfumes in them. As you put these chemicals directly on the skin, these chemicals bypass your liver. It means that the ugly stuff is going directly into your bloodstream via the skin which is the largest organ we have. Now, before the big companies sell the products, these use tests on animals, and I am pretty sure that you would not like to see pictures that show the results of those testings.

Your skin is your largest organ that separates our inner world from the outer world.   It is a beautiful world of all kind of microscopical flora and fauna which we need to have balanced to have a healthy skin.

In today’s society, we pay far too much attention to hygiene, and we continuously wash away this flora and fauna that is there to protect us. All those bacteria and microscopic ‘things’ must live together with us in symbiosis.

When we take it away by washing too often, or with too aggressive products, we take away our natural protection, and the PH of our skin alters.

There is one golden rule in Ayurveda for skin care: never put anything on your skin you cannot eat.

Would you like to eat the moisturizer you find in your bathroom?

Mostly, the basic ingredient of those products is mineral oils. This might sound splendid. However, is it really good? Mineral oil is another word for petrol and would you put petrol on your face? Moreover, some of them have some vegetal oils added to make them look more unique.

So again, Ayurveda says to go to your kitchen to make your skin care products.

*You can use chickpea flour as a scrub and as soap under the shower.*

*Avocado, cucumber and so many more products to protect your skin are available in your kitchen.

*Use oils like almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil to give your skin a healthy treat. Provide them with a scent of natural essential oils (do not buy the cheap ones as they also are synthetic) and give yourself a gentle massage. Every day would be best of course.

*Do use alum as deodorant and never buy antiperspirants as it blocks the sweating and you need sweating for natural elimination of toxins.

*Beware of sun protectors as there is more and more proof that they do not prevent skin cancer but could also provoke it. Keep your skin oiled and sunbathe in a proper way (which means do not overdo)

*Also, trust your personal beauty. It comes from the inside. Moreover, when you have a well-tuned body, it will also reflect on your skin, hair and nails.



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