Are you aware of the power of your thoughts

Are you aware of the power of your thoughts?

Did you know that your thoughts are not yours? We all have learned the opposite that your thoughts are yours and yours only. Well, this is only partially correct.

Our brain is like an antenna that is receiving waves from all kind of sources. Some just go through your brain; some get stuck in your mind, and you think and transform into thoughts. Also, you think that you have complete control over them.

As soon as we learn words, we can form thoughts. Thoughts cannot exist without words. To give the phrase meaning, we attach emotions and feelings, interpretations to it.

When we are young, our brain is working in Theta waves, and that is why children learn so quick and absorb everything. Children absorb like sponges, and this is also why everything parents, family, surroundings say and do at this age, is stored away in the subconscious and can affect the person all his life.

According to what you watch, what you read, with whom you talk, the neurotransmitters in your brain will light up some memory connections and produce thoughts. According to the interpretation and situation, this can be experienced either as positive or negative.

Caring about what you watch, read, listen to, is vital. With whom you talk is determining your brain fog and thoughts contamination. The brain is highly manipulative, and someone can easily manipulate it. This characteristic of the brain can be used in a negative way such as by influencing people into doing what they do not want.

However, you also can use this in a positive way as (re)programming your brain to stay young, to act in a way that gives the one signal to the brain: I love you, I take care of you. When you give that signal to your brain, the brain will give the right signals to your body. Also, when you eat and drink the proper things, your brain will get the right signals as well.

Positive thoughts are of course always better than negative ones, but positive thoughts really will have no effect if they are not embodied and felt in the body.

To have a positive, healthy brain, you have to

* study, always
* surround yourself with positive people
* avoid watching all the negative, sad, violent news or movies
* do not engage in speaking badly about yourself or someone else
* eat the right food, have good digestion and take care of your gut as there is a connection with the brain
* meditate and reprogram
* watch out what you say to children directly and indirectly as you are programming their mind for future happiness or struggle.
* express your thoughts, feelings and emotions clearly

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