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Live the Tara-way at one of our retreats in Finca Los Motivos, Spain

Finca Los Motivos the Heart of Eca Tara

The villa is located in the heart of Spain, in a scenic and authentic Spanish village of Duron. Its right in the middle of the gorgeously unspoilt natural region of Alcarria, which is about an hour & half from the city of Madrid.

The villa includes a huge garden, swimming pool with various spacious, comfortable accommodation options all with an amazing and breathtaking view of the river Tagus and the mountains. 

All offered with a guarantee of a calm, relaxed and healthy private retreat.

Alice in Wonderland Rejuvenation Retreat

In this specialized retreat for women, we explore each day, one of the 6 wellness dimensions for a balanced integration of body, mind and spirit

Who is Tara?

Tara is a Tantric Goddess, known from India to Ireland

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